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******** What to do ***********

Change biodiesel reactant volumes and see what happens!
The general biodiesel reaction is:
1 Soybean Oil (Triolein) + 3 Methanol -> 3 Biodiesel (Methyl Oleate) + Glycerol

Your products end up in two phases: a biodiesel phase and a glycerol phase.

You can change other parameters such as the density and molecular weight of the reactants and products. The default values in the program are for water.

You can also change back and forth from "stoichiometry" mode (where the reaction occurs according to the theoretical chemical reaction given above) to "real world" mode (where excess methanol is needed to react all of the soybean oil).

Enjoy using this tool and have a wonderful day.

Jason M. Keith
Michigan Technological University
Houghton, MI

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Dr. Jason Keith

Department of Chemical Engineering, Michigan Technological University Houghton, Michigan


Dr. Susan E. Hill

2009 Michigan Technological University

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