CM2120: Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering 2

Instructor: Jason Keith
Office: 202-D Chem-Sci Building
Phone: 906-487-2106
email: jmkeith at mtu dot edu
Office hours: open

Course Meeting Times: MWF 3:05 - 3:55 Fisher Hall 139

Grader / Teaching Assistant: Mr. Mike Via
email: mdvia at mtu dot edu
Office hours: TBA

You may also email us with your questions!

Changes to the course syllabus are listed here (Last modified 1/4/2011)
Please check this page often for any updates.
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Reading and Homework Assignments
Readings are in Wankat unless noted
Readings should be completed before class on the date indicated

Wed. 27 Apr.: Final exam, M&M U115 from 3:00pm-5:00pm

Fri. 15 Apr.: Final exam review
Wed. 20 Apr.: No class - JMK out of town
Mon. 18 Apr.: No class - JMK out of town

Fri. 15 Apr.: Special topic TBA
Wed. 13 Apr.: 11.4-11.7, Column economics
Mon. 11 Apr.: In Class Exam
Last Year's Exam pdf version

Fri. 8 Apr.: 11.1-11.3, Column economics
Wed. 6 Apr.: Department Convocation, Rosza Center
Mon. 4 Apr.: Exam Review

Fri. 1 Apr.: 10.6-10.9, Column design
Homework 8 - Not due but recommended to prepare for final pdf version
Wed. 30 Mar.: 10.4-10.5, Column design
Mon. 28 Mar.: Guest lecture

Fri. 25 Mar.: 10.1-10.3, Column design
Homework 7 pdf version assigned
Wed. 23 Mar.: 9.4-9.7, Batch distillation
Project Assigned - click for group list
Mon. 21 Mar.: 9.1-9.3, Batch distillation

Fri. 18 Mar.: Shortcut Methods continued
Homework 6 pdf version assigned
Wed. 16 Mar.: In Class Exam
Last year's exam pdf version
Mon. 14 Mar.: Exam Review

Fri. 11 Mar.: Spring Break!
Wed. 09 Mar.: Spring Break!
Mon. 07 Mar.: Spring Break!

Fri. 04 Mar.: Shortcut Methods for Multicomponent Distillation, 7.1
Wed. 02 Mar.: Introduction to Multicomponent Distillation, Ch. 5
Mon. 28 Feb.: McCabe - Thiele Method, 4.7-4.11

Homework 5 pdf version assigned
Fri. 25 Feb.: McCabe - Thiele Method, 4.3-4.5
Wed. 23 Feb.: McCabe - Thiele Method, 4.3-4.5
Mon. 21 Feb.: Stagewise Balances and the Lewis Method, 4.1-4.2

Homework 4 pdf version assigned
Fri. 18 Feb.: In Class Exam
Last year's exam pdf version
Wed. 16 Feb.: Exam Review
Mon. 14 Feb.: Stagewise Balances and the Lewis Method, 4.1-4.2

Fri. 11 Feb.: Winter Carnival - No Class
Wed. 09 Feb.: Reboilers and Condensers, Stagewise Balances, 3.4-3.5, 4.1
Mon. 07 Feb.: Intro to Column Distillation, 3.1-3.4

Fri. 04 Feb.: Tie Lines, Multicomponent VLE / Flash Distillation, 2.3-2.7
Homework 3 pdf version assigned
Wed. 02 Feb.: Intro to Separations, Flash Distillation, Ch 1, 2.1-2.3
Mon. 31 Jan.: Evaporation

Fri. 28 Jan.: Pumps
Homework 2 pdf version assigned
Wed. 26 Jan.: Friction Factors
Mon. 24 Jan.: In Class Exam

Fri. 21 Jan.: Compressors, exam review
Last year's exam pdf version
Wed. 19 Jan.: Mechanical energy balance
Mon. 17 Jan.: Dr. Martin Luther King Day, no class

Fri. 14 Jan.: Transient balances part 2
Wed. 12 Jan.: Transient balances part 1
Homework 1 pdf version assigned
Mon. 10 Jan.: First day of class! Whoo-hoo! Review syllabus and do in class problem

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