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Welcome to the Fuel Cell Curriculum Project Website. The goal of this project is to develop modules that bring fuel cell technology into the traditional chemical engineering undergraduate curriculum. The site allows faculty members around the world to have easy access to these modules.

This material is part of the Hydrogen Education Curriculum at Michigan Technological University.

The following table lists chemical engineering courses and the related modules.  Each module contains a brief background or motivation, an example problem with a solution, and a homework problem. For access to the homework problem solutions, please contact Jason Keith by email at jmkeith at mtu dot edu.
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Introductory Material
Module 0: Overview of Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cells
Fuel Cell Sizing Made Easy (Knovel Engineering Cases)  or Alternate Site
The Short-Term Hydrogen Economy: Fueling Fuel Cells from Natural Gas (Knovel Engineering Cases)
Fuel Cell Calculator and Instructions
Material and Energy Balances (Stoichiometry)
Module 1: Heat of Formation for Fuel Cell Applications
Module 2: Material Balances in a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
Module 3: Energy Balance in a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
Module 4: Generation of Electricity Using Recovered Hydrogen
Module 5: Material Balances in Fuel Cell Systems
Module: Heats of Reaction and Energy Balances in an SOFC
Module 6: Equation of State for Hydrogen Fuel
Module 7: Equilibrium Coefficient and Van't Hoff Equation for Fuel Cell Efficiency
Module 8: Fuel Cell Efficiency
Module 9: Vapor Pressure / Humidity for Fuel Cell Gases
Module 10: Nernst Equation
Fluid Mechanics
Module 11: Pressure Drop in a Fuel Cell Bipolar Plate Channel
Module 12: Finite Difference Method for Flow in a Fuel Cell Bipolar Plate
Module 13: Compressor Sizing and Fuel Cell Parasitic Losses
Comsol Modules: Fluid Mechanics (Background) (Full Paper)
Heat and Mass Transport
Module 14: Conduction and Convection Heat Transfer in Fuel Cells
Module 15: Microscopic Balances Applied to Fuel Cells
Module 16: Diffusion Coefficients for Fuel Cell Gases
Module: Conduction, Convection, and Radiation Heat Transfer in a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
Comsol Modules: Heat and Mass Transport (Background) (Full Paper)
Kinetics and Reaction Engineering
Module 17: Tafel Equation and Fuel Cell Kinetic Losses
Module 18: Hydrogen Adsorption and Catalyst Surface Coverage
Module 19: Pressure Drop in a Water Gas Shift Reactor
Module 20: Water Gas Shift Reaction in a Palladium Membrane Reactor
Module 21: Equilibrium Simulation of a Methane Steam Reformer
Module 22: Simulation of a Methane Steam Reforming Reactor
Module 23: Reaction Kinetics in a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
Module 24: Reactor Design Applied to a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
Comsol Modules: Kinetics (Background) (Full Paper)
Module 25: Hydrogen Purification
Module 26: Air Separation for Coal Gasification
Module 27: Hydrogen Production by Electrolysis with a Fuel Cell
Module 28: Hydrogen Production by Natural Gas Assisted Steam Electrolysis
Process Safety and Process Design
Module 29: Stoichiometric Analysis of Fuel Combustion
Module 30: Energy Value of Fuels
Module 31: Hydrogen Production Cost
Module 32: Fuel Energy Cost and Energy Density
Module 33: Hydrogen Flammability
Module 34: Theoretical Fuel Consumption and Power
Module 35: Unisim Modeling of a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell and Formula Summary Sheet
Module 36: Unisim Modeling of a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell and Formula Summary Sheet
Materials Science and Engineering
          Module 37: Ion and Electrical Conduction in a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
          Module 38: Non Steady-State Carbon Diffusion in Solide Oxide Fuel Cell Interconnects
          Module 39: Mechanical Failure of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Electrolyte by Electrolyte / Electrode Thermal Expansion Mismatch

Members of the chemical engineering fuel cell task force are:
Scott Fogler (University of Michigan)
Jason Keith (Michigan Technological University)
Don Chmielewski (Illinois Institute of Technology)
Mike Gross (Bucknell University)
David Allen (University of Texas at Austin)


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