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******** What to do ***********

Change fuel cell parameters and see what happens!

You can change design parameters such as the number of cells and cell area. These also include parameters for the fuel cell polarization plot (listed as Eoc, r, Ac, m, and nc which give the cell voltage as a function of current density). You can also change operating parameters such as the stack current. You can calculate the current density, cell power density, cell voltage, stack voltage, stack power, and hydrogen consumption rate.

The parameters are:
n = Number of cells
I = Stack current
A = Cell area
Eoc = Open Circuit Voltage
r = Area specific resistance (Ohmic loss parameter)
Ac = Tafel parameter (Activation loss parameter)
m and nc = Mass transfer loss parameters

Enjoy using this tool and have a wonderful day.

Jason M. Keith
Michigan Technological University
Houghton, MI

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Dr. Jason Keith

Department of Chemical Engineering, Michigan Technological University Houghton, Michigan


Dr. Susan E. Hill

2009 Michigan Technological University

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