John S. Gierke, Ph.D., P.E.
Professor of Geological & Environmental Engineering
Department of Geological & Mining Engineering & Sciences
Michigan Technological University
1400 Townsend Drive, Houghton, MI 49931-1295
Link to Google Map to Dow 405, 906/487-2535 (Voice), 906/487-3371 (Fax), E-mail:


Biographical Information
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17-Page Complete CV (pdf,112KB)

Research Interests
Remote Sensing for Hazard Mitigation and Resource Protection in Pacific Latin America
Advisor to Aqua Terra Tech (ATT) Enterprise
Carbon Dioxide Sequestration, Naturally Occurring Uranium in Groundwater, Air Sparging (including enhancements) Remediation, Soil Vapor Extraction, Remote Sensing for Water Resources & Landslides

Current Graduate Students:
Carla Alonso, M.S. Geology Candidate: Remote Sensing of Karst Terrains
Briana Drake, M.S. Environmental Engineering Candidate, Peace Corps Master International Program, On-Campus
Rob Hegeman, M.S. Geology Candidate, Peace Corps Masters International Program, RPCV-Honduras: Characterizing Spring Flows
Jackie Houston, M.S. Geophysics Candidate, Peace Corps Masters International Program, On-Campus
Miriam Rios-Sanchez, Ph.D. Geological Engineering Student: Remote Sensing for Characterizing the Quito Aquifer System
Dan Smith, M.S. Geological Engineering Candidate, Peace Corps Masters International Program, On-Campus
Ashlee Vincent, M.S. Environmental Engineering Candidate, Peace Corps Masters International Program, Serving in Suriname 2009-11

Graduated Students--Primary Advisor:
Aho, Robert (MSGE 1996): Bioventing VOCs
Anderson, Cecilia P. (MSGL 2006): Visualization of Carbonation Reactions on CKD
Benjakul, Rungroj (MSGL 2010): Use of Publically Available Models and Spatial Data for Modeling a Dioxane Plume
Bruning, Jill N. (MSGE 2008): Remote Sensing for Groundwater Exploration in Volcanic Terrains
Carpenter, Michael D. (MSGE 1994): VOC Transport in Clay Soils
Castor, Meaghan G. (MSGE 2002): In-Situ Ozone Sparging of TCE in a Meso-Scale Apparatus
Ebsch, Jeffery (MSGE 1993): Permeability of NAPLs in Clays
Fader, Caleb (MSCE 2011), PCMI, RPCV-Uganda: Retrofitting Wells Contaminated with Iron Bacteria
Fish, Randy (M.S. Geology 2011, PCMI, RPCV-Tanzania: Tools for Forecasting Spring Flows)
Fuchs, Valerie J. (PhD Environmental Engineering 2009): Vertical Flow Constructed Wetlands for Small Scale Wastewater Treatment
Gross, Essa L. (MSGL 2008, PCMI, RPCV-Nicaragua): Characterizing the Productivity of Rope-Pump Wells
Gu, Yingxin (MSGL 2001): Sorption of SO2 on Volcanic Ash
Harrison, Elizabeth (MSGL 1991): Modeling VOC Transport in Structured Soils
Huntzinger, Deborah N. (PhD Geological Engineering 2006): Carbon Dioxide Sequestration in CKD
Johnstone, Tammi L. (MSCE 1996): Modeling Contaminant Transport Under Unstable Flow
Kremer, Theodore J. (MSGE 2002): Surfactant-Enhanced Air Sparging
Kucharski, Matthew J. (MSEnE 2010, PCMI, RPCV-Philippines): Characterizing Spring Hydrology and Catchment Area
Grenkowitz, Heidi L. (Masters of Engineering)
Muraski, Jennifer L. (MSEnE 1997): Bioventing of Jet Fuel Contamination
Myre, Elizabeth A. (MSEnE 2008): Appropriate Analyses for Manual Pumping Tests
Sanders, Deborah L. (MSGE 1997): Partitioning Tracer Tests for Characterizing NAPL Volumes
Sawall, R. Hardy (MSGE 2000): Thermal Remediation of VOCs from Soil
Schmunk, Steven W. (MSGE 1994): In-Situ Thermal Mixing for Clean Up of VOCs from Clay Soils
Sherman, Heidi M. (PhD Geology 2004): Occurrence of Uranium in Sandstone Aquifers
Shonsey, Cara W. (MSEnE 2009, PCMI, RPCV-Mali): Quantifying Available Water Supply at a Village Scale
Smith, Gwynneth (MSCE 2011, PCMI, RPCV-Suriname): Sustainability of Water Systems in the Interior of Suriname
Stright, Lisa E. (MSGE 1999): Modeling Biosparging
Taege, Deborah A. (MSEnE 2002): Peformance Monitoring of Air Sparging for PCE
Wang, Congli (MSGE 1995): Modeling In-Situ Thermal Mixing for Clean Up of VOCs from Clay Soils

Graduated Students--Secondary Advisor:
Bachmann, Nancy-Jeanne (MSEnE 2007): Monitoring LID Peformance
El-Beshry, Manar (PhD Environmental Engineering at Rice University): Modeling SVE Performance at a Jet Fuel Site
Hein, Gretchen L. (PhD Environmental Engineering): Air Sparging
Hutchins, Margot J. (PhD Mechanical Engineering 2010): Incorporating Social Consideration in Decision Making for Sustainability
Keating, Gordon (MSGL 1991): Modeling Influence of Sea Water on Volcanic Eruptions
Quinnan, Joseph (MSGE 1994): Quantifying Uncertainty in Drawdwon in Aquifer Systems
Ritchie, Beatrice (MSGL 1992): Image Processing NAPL Flow in Glass Models
VanAntwerp, Darby J. (MS Geology 2006 at Clemson University): Modeling Field Scale Air Sparging of PCE
Wojick, Christopher L. (PhD Environmental Engineering, MSEnE): Evaluating the Performance of Air Sparging and SVE, Pestide Transport Under Unstable Flow

Teaching Interests:
Undergraduate Enterprise (also see link to ATT above), Geological Engineering Senior Design, Geohydrology, Groundwater Flow and Solute Transport, Subsurface Remediation, Groundwater Engineering

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