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GIS, GPS, and map resources

GIS resources at Michigan Tech:

GIS data Sources

List of Public GIS Servers (updated weekly)

Cartolab GIS Servers Site (made from the list above, updated Thursdays at 0400 EST)

State of Michigan GIS Open Data Portal - authoritative data from Michigan

NRCS Geospatial Data Gateway - county level or custom area data sets from the NRCS

NRCS NAIP data direct download: National Aerial Imagery Program downloads

USGS Earth Explorer: find satellite imagery, aerial photos, more. Account needed for download

The USGS National Map Viewer: download water resource data, land cover layers, DEM data and derived products, and more

Miscellaneous Resources

Blue habitat guide (PDF, 12 MB)

Michigan Projections and Coordinate Systems

Michigan Georef .prj file

The parameters for the Michigan Georef projection are included with ArcGIS and may be found under

Coordinate Systems : Projected Coordinate Systems : State Systems: NAD 1983 Michigan GeoRef (Meters).prj  (ArcGIS 9.2 and later and ArcGIS Pro)

Coordinate Systems : Projected Coordinate Systems : National Grids: NAD 1983 Michigan GeoRef (Meters).prj  (ArcGIS Pre-9.2)

More information on Michigan-specific projected coordinate systems is available from the Michigan DNR
or from Dave Lusch at MSU

PDF maps

see Google Drive for PDF maps of the Ford Center (2020 aerial Imagery background). These can be used in Avenza Maps for navigation.

If you are looking for Historic topographic maps, see topoView, run by the USGS. They have both current and historic topo maps available for download. You can search using a map interface, and filter results by map scale. Downloads are available in jpeg, GeoTiff (ArcGIS), KMZ (Google Earth), and GeoPDF (Avenza Maps) format.