Recommended Links

TED-Ed - Extensive library of curated animated videos on different subjects, narrated by world-renowned educators for lessons that you can customize to learn what you want to learn.

Math Help with StudyPug - Elementary, Middle School, High school and University math help. Math help videos from a math tutor and a lot of online math practice questions.

Big Think - Massive library of video interviews with over 600 thought leaders from a wide variety of fields. This is best for those who want to be inspired while figuring out what they want to get into.

Khan Academy - Offering self-paced learning through their extensive video library and interactive assessments and challenges for supplementary learning.

Open Culture - One of the best free cultural and educational media available online, boasting a huge library of resources through their free and open platform. Also includes certificate courses and massive open online courses from top universities.

Howcast - Professional and user-generated how-to video guides on a multitude of interests for any sort of DIY project.

Instructables - Similar to Howcast, but with more user-generated and rated content. Step-by-step DIY guides on various fields of interest with images and illustrations.

Crash Course - Educational video series by Vlog Brothers and Nerdfighters Hank Green and John Green, as well as other experts, teaching different subjects in a casual and lighthearted manner with well-animated visuals.

EdX - One of the best educational websites with courses on different topics from the world’s best universities specifically designed for interactive study online.

Newsela - Improve your reading comprehension and retention by reading daily news. Each article comes with 5 reading levels, with both archived and new daily articles along with quizzes to help you get better at reading.

Board Games

Here is a non-exhaustive list of games presently in our collection. Rankings obtained from Columns are sortable, links to web tutorials forthcoming.

Name Rank (as of 8/24/2015) tutorials
6 Takes 464 YouTube
7 Wonders 19 YouTube
7 Wonders - Leaders expansion -
Agricola 6
Alhambra 312
Axis and Allies - Europe 615
Blokus 364
Blokus Trigon 597
Bohnanza 281
Carcassonne 106
Carcassonne - Princess and Dragon expansion -
Citadels 216
Coloretto 373
Darjeeling 1352
Dixit 117
Dixit Odyssey 105
Dominant Species 23
Dominion - Base Version 30
Dominion - Intrigue 21
Flash Point 171
Flash Point - Extreme Danger (Expansion) -
Forbidden Island 407
Formula De 410
Guillotine 814
Hanabi 148
Ingenious 220
Leonardo Da Vinci 640
Lost Cities 711
Nippon Rails 1738
Pandemic 42
Pandemic - On the Brink Expansion -
Pentago 1321
Power Grid 11
Puerto Rico 5
Qwirkle 500
Ra 95
Race for the Galaxy 24
Railroad Tycoon 53
Railroad Tycoon -- Rails of Europe (Expansion) -
RoboRally 225
Scotland Yard 870
Sentinels of the Multiverse 142
Sequence 3059
Settlers of Catan - Base + 5/6 player expansion 165
Settlers of Catan - Seafarers + 5/6 player expansion -
Settlers of Catan - Cities and Knights + 5/6 player expansion -
Sushi Go 302
Ticket to Ride - Europe 63
Ticket to Ride - Asia/Legendary Asia # 1 -
Ticket to Ride - India/Switzerland Map Collection # 2 -
Tigris and Euphrates 33
Trans America 713