We have been researching and writing about the communication among aunts, nieces, and nephews for almost ten years.

We recently wrote a book published by Baylor University Press that collects our research and demonstrates the many-faceted importance of aunts in our lives.

Our findings emphasize what aunts do--the practices of aunting--rather than who aunts are.


Introduction: Why Aunts?

Chapter 1: Caring for Kin

Chapter 2: Constructing Kin

Chapter 3: Aunts at a Distance

Chapter 4: My Auntie, My Self

Chapter 5: Mentoring and Modeling

Chapter 6: Carrying on the Family

Conclusion: Aunting in the 21st Century


The book is written in a clear, accessible style to appeal not only to scholars but to anyone who has, is, or wants to be or have an aunt. The practices we identify are ones we think contribute to strong kin relationships and family identities.

Each chapter examines a different form of aunting, examining the relationships, identities, and the manner and content of communication for each form.

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