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The Ford GT-40 is so named due to it's overall height of 40 inches.



The first GT-40s, the MK-Is, were designed after Eric Broadley's Lola prototype, resident in England.


The second GT-40s were aptly named the MK-IIs and were also built in England.


Along comes the third generation, the street-able MK-IIIs.



One of the Gulf Ford GT-40s (No. 09) during the 1968 Le Mans;
The car was raced by JW Automotive Engineering and was driven by Pedro Rodriguez and Lucien Bianchi.
Also won the 1968 SPa-Franchorchamps race with Jacky Ikx piloting.

Engine: 4942 cc, bore x stroke: 101.6 mm x 76.2 mm.
Power: 425hp@6000rpm.
Torque: 396ftlb@4750rpm.
Performance: 0-100 mph 8 secs (0-161 kph 8 secs)
Max. speed: 210 mph (380 kph)

Another Gulf Ford GT-40. Originally driven at the 1965 Le Mans and then retired as a Shelby
display car, it was put back into service by JW for the 1968 Spa-Franchorchamps race.
Prior to Spa-Franchorchamps it was stored at Slough for some years.
Drivers were Hawkins and Hobbs.

Engine: 4728 cc, bore x stroke: 101.6 x 72.9 mm,
Power: 390hp@7000rpm
Torque: 325ftlb@5000rpm.
Performance: 0-100 mph 9 secs,
Max. speed: 195 mph (350 kph)

Alan Mann Racing developed a lightweight GT-40, incorporating panels in elektron light alloy. The sill panels were removed in the cause of lightness, and the doors and other body panels narrowed slightly so as not to overhang the chassis, while at the rear the side scoops were riveted in place rather than formed into the bodywork. Mark II-style brake cooling scoops were added to
the top of the rear deck. Elektron also replaced steel in construction of
the roof. The cars took part in the Sebring 12-hour race and the 1966
Le Mans Test Days where AMGT/1 wore race number "16" (as seen on the picture)
and AMGT/2 number "15".

Car No. 1009. Belonged to Peter Stutcliffe. Tehnical details same as 1004.

The start of the 1966 Le Mans. At this race three of the eight cars survived to take the first three places at the end of the 24 hours.
In the foreground No.3 (chassis No 1047) was driven by Gurney/Grant.


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