Crater Lake, 2008

I need your help!  I want to build a growing endowment for our department that can support the travel of 10-20 students each year for professional field experiences, like what I have been able to share with students while at Michigan Tech. My young colleagues also are very field active.  We faculty and students of geosciences have always liked field work--and it is even more essential now as all of us spend more time in front of computer screens. While my colleagues are successful at getting support for their ideas, more funding is needed to allow extra students to participate in all their field efforts, professional workshops and meetings.

So far we have built an endowed fund of about $250,000! Enough so that each year the endowment earnings can pay $1000 to 10 students for travel.  Sound good? It is now working for them!

I am confident we can keep and grow this endowment, because there are lots of you. I’ve counted more than 1900 Geo alums in the past 41 years. And there is already a very impressive donor list.

Progress to date:  We are doing well!  Here is a list of donors as of March 2018. 

You can make a gift to this fund through the University's secure online gift page found at