Poems from Childhood


In the last few weeks I have written more than 20 poems which are shared here. I have written these to myself, really to try to understand why I remember these fleeting moments of the past and not others. This process is a remarkable one for me, a continuous revision process starting with a word or two and ballooning to a stanza in a series of stages, followed by many many revisions which seek understanding of what the memory might really signify.  There are cryptic references and obscure or ambiguous aspects.  I added links to clarify them. I still don’t fully know what they mean yet. They are crude and probably not worthy of note. Lower your expectations, but please do read them and give feedback if you want to.

There are references to real people and animals in these, but I think all of them are now dead and so that could mean they can’t sue me for inaccuracy. I am not sure these poems are true or not, or even do I feel I know what truth is. At least they are my sense of things that came to pass, and my thoughts about what they might mean.

Childhood memories, mainly 1949-1972  but with later impressions seeping in.

These memories are set in Corrales, and Alameda, New Mexico. A few in are in Mackinac, Suburban Detroit, and Houghton, Michigan.
They are part of what may turn out to be hundreds of images from my youth.
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Memories and why I remember them.

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