April 14-15, 2015

Talking Rocks:  Common Ground-geology in the Lake Superior region and Native Americans

April 14, 2015

Location:  Carnegie Museum Community Room,  Downtown Houghton

Times:   6:30 pm: Refreshments and introductions   7-8 pm:  Seminar and Discussion


Join the conversation as an earth scientist and a Native American elder—wise men from two cultures—explore the natural history of the Lake Superior region, examining both the science and the spirit of the land.

As the geologist carefully presents a modern scientific perspective, the storyteller eloquently recounts a traditional Native American understanding, passed on through tales, myths, and symbols that illustrate how intimately his people have known and honored the earth and its history for over a hundred centuries.

Talking Rocks is not only a story of geological history told from two perspectives, it is also a chronicle of two people from very different cultural and scientific heritages learning to understand and appreciate each other’s distinct yet complementary ways of viewing the land we share.



April 15, 2015

Location:  East Reading Room, 1st Floor Van Pelt LibraryMichigan Tech

Times:   4:00 pm: Refreshments and Book Signing   430-530 pm:  Seminar and Discussion

SPECIAL SECOND Seminar and Book Signing!  April 15, 2015

Talking Sky: Ojibwe constellations and sky stories-- how they used them to live on and with the land.

Join award-winning authors Carl Gawboy and Ron Morton on a journey of discover and story telling as they explore the night sky of the Ojibwe. From the important seasonal constellations (Moose, Panther, Wintermaker, and Nanaboujou) through wandering wolves, flyings skeletons, and brave fisher to meteors and comets, the authors bring to life the sky world of a northern people. A world that reflected not only the four seasons of the Ojibwe, but also their traditions, stories, religion, science, and day to day living on and with Planet Earth.

First Floor

JR Van Pelt


East Reading Room

Ron Morton Professor Emeritus   BIO

Carl Gawboy   Artist/Professor    BIO