Oct 21, 2014

Alex Mayer 

Charles and Patricia Nelson Presidential Professor    BIO

The (un)natural history of Huron Creek, a working stream on the Keweenaw Peninsula

Location:  Carnegie Museum Community Room,  Downtown Houghton

Times:   6:30 pm: Refreshments and introductions   7-8 pm:  Seminar and Discussion

Our area teems with stunning lakes, rushing rivers, and spectacular waterfalls. Then there's Huron Creek. Why should we care about a little creek that plods through town, behind parking lots and through culverts, out of sight and out of mind? Huron Creek has played a supporting role through the mining era and continues to do so through today's commercial development. Yet, the creek still offers well-kept secrets of beautiful natural vistas.  The creek could offer even more enjoyment to both locals and visitors who come to shop and enjoy our scenery. I will describe the creek’s history, the impacts on the creek from human activities, and efforts that are underway to restore the creek's ecosystem and aesthetic value. I want to hear about your ideas for restoring the creek and any of your memories of interacting with the creek.

Huron Creek Management Plan