Day 7 Grand Ledge


Activities and discussions will include:

-Intro to geology and how to keep field notes

-Coal seams,  meandering river systems, sedimentary deposits, fossils

-Drawing stratigraphy columns  

-Scales, measuring, GPS


1.Even though most coal found in nature is the altered remains of prehistoric vegetation that originally accumulated in swamps and peat bogs, mankind can make coal so we will never run out.

2.Rivers do not carve valleys, but only passively flow down them.

3.Life exists on Earth because the Earth is the right distance from the Sun for water to exist in liquid form.

4.Separations along bedding plane, like those that dominate most sedimentary outcrops, occur deep beneath the Earth's surface.

5.Rocks (and minerals) grow in layers under the right conditions.



London Brick Quarry

Fitzgerald Park


London Brick Park

Fitzgerald Park

How do Surface and subsurface rocks tell us what Michigan was like in the geologic past?