Misconceptions for Day 1


Earth events taking place within the global environment are not interconnected, such as El Nino is not important to people living in the Midwest.

Catastrophic changes on the Earth's surface, like volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, only affect the lithosphere.

The atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, and biosphere do not cause changes in one another; these systems operate independently on Earth.

The carbon cycle was caused by humans burning fossil fuels.

Increases in global temperatures in the atmosphere and the consequent warming of the oceans, will only create a problem for people living along the coast.Clouds are water vapor.

Gas has no weight.

Flooding only occurs after heavy rain.

Continued burning of fossil fuels is going to cause a catastrophe. All life on earth is going to die out, including humans.

The only greenhouse gas emitted by human activities is carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels.

Global warming is caused by the ozone hole because the hole lets in more radiation.

Burning fossil fuels uses them up.

Weather anomalies can be used as evidence for or against climate change.

The atmosphere is big and carbon dioxide makes up a small % of the total gases. We are not adding enough carbon dioxide to make a difference.

Direct sunlight heats the atmosphere.

Greenhouse gases make up a major portion of the atmosphere.