Pt Isabelle


Pt Isabelle

Pt Isabelle is a long shoreline stretch which exposes Jacobsville Sandstone in cliffs, shelves and shallow water areas. It is possible to see a lot of rock here, especially on calm days.  It can be a great place to swim, if the breeze blows away the mosquitoes.  Park on the road and walk the shoreline. There are small cliff sections of Jacobsville, ledges and shelves with potholes and many sedimentary structures, accessible if water is calm, because it is generally quite shallow.  The headland area is geologically a great place to see the Jacobsville.  Beaches are also among the best in the Keweenaw, with a drive-to beach at the North side of the breakwater, and a quieter, more private walk-to beach south of the breakwater.  Inland are sites of great interest:  Raised shorelines, mainly representing former sandbars, an ancient Tombolo, an esker, a beautiful delta, Haven Falls, a waterfall on the Keweenaw Fault, and several locations along the shoreline where the Keweenaw Fault can be observed through the shallow water of Lake Superior.

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Ancient Tombolo

Raised Shorelines


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Potholes at Pt Isabelle