Welcome to Silver I

Paddle slowly. Simplify. 

Kick off the fluff. Listen. Wait. Look. Remember.

Then, think.

Stay an unpredictable length of time. Don’t try to do anything except to notice what is happening. Mostly it is not complicated, but stillness and patience seem to be a pretty good starting posture. The water is the most vital item except maybe in the dead of winter.

Go barefoot. Stoke the sauna. Swim naked.

This place may or may not exist...  We are not sure, although we have been there many times. If you are overwhelmed or underwhelmed, there may be a way out there.... Maybe you should go?

If you find this page, and want to contribute something from your visit to Silver Island, send me email (raman@mtu.edu)

Bark Europa
4 August 2010

It's the life that lies sleeping

When you think you're awake.

Forever is real

And the rest is just fake.

And though volumes are written

On this subject alone,

She used three simple words

And she brought it all home.

      Arlo Guthrie

Leif Huron film shot on Silver I: Coydogs