Volcanology Graduate Programs at Michigan Tech


Our current focus is the study of volcanoes which erupt daily or constantly, like Fuego Volcano in Guatemala and Villarica in Chile, which are shown here.  We use a variety of seismic, acoustic and gas sensing instruments to make observations of this low level activity, to construct what may be happening in the subsurface.  The work uses the eruptive activity like a lab experiment.  The results are exciting and instructive.  We are looking for students with strong backgrounds in Math and Physics, who are good at computing and making things work in bad conditions, and who want to travel and work hard outside.

We have a large group of grad students from all over the world.  We have strong collaborative connections with many volcanological groups.  If you want to find out more, try the links above.

Open Vent Volcanoes--what can they teach us?