Volcanic ash is removed from earth’s atmosphere much more rapidly than sulfur.

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The masses of exploded magma (pyroclasts: mostly ash) released by volcanoes can be very large. It has huge environmental effects, but these tend to be isolated in place and time, because ash is mostly cleansed in a few days.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tephrashapeimage_3_link_0

Chaiten 2008 ash

Ashfalls resemble blankets, covering existing topography with layers that generally thin with distance from the vent.  From an atmospheric and aircraft hazard perspective, it is important to know how much fine (diameter <60 microns) and very fine ash (< 30 microns) is erupted.

Readings on remote sensing of ash:

Ash detection methods, Wen & Rose, 1994

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successive examples  Guo et al 2004

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Remote sensing studies have shown that ash, even fine and very fine ash gets removed in a day or two, even from stratospheric volcanic clouds.


18 May 1980

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