Under Display there are 11 items. They are mainly designed for carrying out various display options. Only Rendering Method has sub-items. Most items under Display are switches, turning on/off a particular display options. These 11 items are Display Globally/Locally, Show/Hide All Displayable Items, Show/Hide Current Surface, Show/Hide Control Net, Show/Hide Control Points, Show/Hide Control Point IDs, Show/Hide Knot Curves, Show/Hide Axes, Switch to Perspective/Parallel Projection, Show All Surface IDs, and Rendering Method.

  1. Show/Hide Current Surface displays or hides the current surface.
  2. Show/Hide Control Net displays or hides the control net of the current surface.
  3. Show/Hide Control Points displays or hides the control points of the current surface.
  4. Show/Hide Control Point IDs displays or hides the control point IDs of the current surface.
  5. Show/Hide Knot Curves displays or hides the knot curves of the current surface.
  6. Show/Hide All Displayable Items displays or hides the above five displays items of the current surface.
  7. Display Globally/Locally makes all subsequent display options as listed above applied to all surface subdivisions. For example, if a surface is subdivided into two subpatches. One of them displays knot curves, while the other displays control points. After selecting Display Globally, then any display option will be applied to all subpatches. Thus, if Show/Hide Control Net is selected, all subpatches will be displayed with control nets. Display Locally resets the "global" option so that any subsequent display option will be applied to the current surface.
  8. Show/Hide Axes displays or hides the coordinate axes.
  9. Show All Surface IDs displays or hide the IDs of all surfaces.
  10. Switch to Perspective/Parallel Projection switches between perspective and parallel view.
  11. Rendering Method has two sub-items and is applied to all surfaces and all subpatches. Therefore, it is a global option.