Manual Focus

Nikon Coolpix 950 permits you to focus manually from a list of preset distances ranging from 0.1m (4 inches) to infinity. To perform manual focus, the mode dial must be turned to the M-REC position. Then, please following the procedure below:

  1. Measure the distance from your subject to the front cover of the lens.
  2. Turn the command dial while holding down the focus setting button (see the figure below) to select a focus distance.

    The focus setting button The Command Dial

As the command dial is turned, the present distance is shown on both control panel and the LCD monitor. The control panel shows a blinking infinity focus (mountain) and close-up (flow) icon. If the subject is far away, you can use a setting of Inf. Unlike the autofocus setting of infinity, manual infinity allows the use of flash. To cancel manual focus, press the focus setting button.

Note that the actual distance may be different from the chosen setting if a converter (i.e., wide angle or telephoto) is being used. In this case, you could use the LCD monitor.

In general, manual focus on this camera is very inconvenient, and I beat you won't use it once you try it.