This setting is available in both the A-REC mode and the M-REC mode.

When taking photographs of a distant subject, you can use this Infinity setting. This setting is required because many times you just cannot focus on a distant subject due to low contrast (e.g., a distant mountain, or the Sun/Moon). To use this Infinity focusing setting, press the focus setting button (left image below) a few times until the mountain icon (see the right figure below) appears on the control panel and on the LCD monitor. Then, the lens is locked at infinity. However, the built-in flash is disabled even though you pop it up, because its power cannot extend to infinity!

The focus setting button The Infinity Focus Icon

The following two images were taken by locking the focus at infinity. Otherwise, the camera would have difficulty to sharply focus on distant subjects due to low contrast.

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An Important Note

In many situations, locking on infinity may not solve your problem. For example, some foreground subjects will be out of focus. The solution to this problem boils down to the matter of depth-of-field. Click here to see the details.