Inserting and Removing Compact Flash Memory Card

The next step is to make sure a compact flash card is in the camera. The camera comes with a USB Enabled 16MB compact flash memory card (see the image below) that can hold 20 2048×1536 images in JPG (compressed) format under the normal mode.

A 16MB compact flash card

While it is possible to use a USB cable for downloading images, it would be faster if you will use a compact flash reader. Because the card comes with the camera is already USB enabled, you might want to consider LEXAR's very handy jumpSHOT. See the image below.

LEXAR's jumpSHOT reader

Please follow the procedure below to insert and remove a compact flash card.

  1. Turn Off the Camera
    Turn the mode dial to the OFF position.

    Turn the mode dial to OFF

  2. Open the Card Slot
    Locate the card-slot (left image below) and pull it open:

    Compact flash card slot door Inserting a CF card

  3. Insert the Memory Card
    Insert the card (right image above). As shown in the image, the card must face down to be inserted properly. Note that the card slot only accepts Type I and Type II CompactFlash cards. Do not try to insert memory cards of other types (e.g., SmartMedia cards).

    Push the card all the way down until it stays firmly in place. Once it is done, the card eject lever pops up as shown in the left image below.

    The card eject lever Fold the card eject lever upward

  4. Fold the Card Eject Lever Upward and Close the Cover
    Then, fold the card eject lever upward (right image above). Once it is folded (image below), close the cover.
  5. The eject lever is folded

    To retrieve the memory card, please reverse the procedure. More precisely, (1) open the card-slot cover, (2) flip the card eject lever up, (3) push the card eject lever down to pop up the compact flash card, and (4) remove the card and close the cover.