Charging Your Battery

Your Coolpix 995 should come with a EH-51 transformer, a MH-51 charger, and a EN-EL1 Li-ion rechargeable battery. Since this battery is not fully charged in the factory, the first thing to do is to charge it. Or, if you are so eager to use your 995, you can also use a 2CR5 (DL245) 6V lithium battery.

EH-51 transformer. MH-51 charger, and EN-EL1 Li-ion battery

To charge your battery, plug the EH-51 transformer into a 100-240V power outlet, connect the EH-51 transformer to the MH-51 charger, and, finally, insert the EN-EL1 battery into the charger bay. The bottom of the EN-EL1 Li-ion battery has two contacts marked with + and - (left image below). Make sure the contact points are on the bottom and insert the battery into the charger bay so that the contact points will be aligned with those of the charger (right image below). In fact, the battery cannot be inserted into the charger bay if it has an incorrect orientation.

EN-EL1 Li-ion battery Charger and Battery

When the battery is being charged, the POWER/CHARGE lamp (right image above) will flash orange. When charging is complete, the POWER/CHARGE lamp turns green. Once the battery is charged, remove the battery, unplug the charger, and unplug the transformer.