Soner Onder

Department of Computer Science
Michigan Technological University
303 Rekhi Hall
1400 Townsend Drive
Houghton MI 49931 

Voice: (+1) 906 487 2123
Fax: (+1) 906 487 2283
E-mail: My e-mail address is my first name (starts with S) followed by (Internet adresimi bulmak icin ismimin arkasina ekleyin.)

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This is how I look when I am on a diving boat sailing in the Mediterranian Sea. I hope I don't look much different when I am working.

About me



Current Projects

CS 5431 Advanced Computer Architecture


FAST - Flexible Architecture Simulation Tool


SHF: Medium: Collaborative Research: Statically Controlled Asynchronous Lane Execution (SCALE)

SHF: Medium: Vectorized Instruction Space (VIS)

Current Students

Graduated PhD Students

Graduated Master Students

Tino Moore (PhD)

Gorkem Asilioglu, Dynamic Dependency Collapsing (PhD, 2020)

Chunming Gao

Rahul Kirtane

Scott Pomerville (PhD)

Omkar Javeri Demand-Driven Execution Using Future Gated Single Assignment Form (PhD, 2020)

Bing Liu

Jeff Bastian

Kieran Young (PhD)

Zhaoxiang Jin, Mitigating the Effect of Misspeculations in Superscalar Processors (PhD, 2018)

Robert Pastel

Vinay Belgaumkar

Caleb Swain (Phd)

Hui Meen Nyew (co-advised with Dr.Nilufer Onder) Mining and Verifying Runtime Temporal Events in Computer Architecture (PhD, 2014)

Kapil Kataria

Sourabh Shikhare

Andrew Frey (PhD)

Shuhan Ding Future Value Based Single Assignment Program Representations and Optimizations (PhD, 2012)

Kurush Kasad (Ms)

NSF/REU Researchers

Peng Zhou Fine-Grain State Processors (PhD, 2009)

Andrew Frey

Jonathan Rabideau

Reese Bunker