B. H. Suits - Research Projects

Condensed Matter/Materials Physics using NMR and NQR

Professor Suits is an experimentalist using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) to study materials. He is using an 85 kG superconducting magnet and a versitile computer-controlled spectrometer to study the atomic level electronic and structural properties of novel materials. In particular, he is studying materials detection, especially explosive detection, using nuclear quadrupole resonance (NQR), and related effects involving magnetic resonance of nuclei with large nuclear electric quadrupole couplings. In the recent past he has used magnetic resonance to study nanoscale and nanophase materials to look at surface layers and grain boundaries and molecular motion of molecules in zeolites. He has also worked to develop and use the techniques of NMR and NQR imaging (MRI) to study how microscopic materials properties vary from place to place on a macroscopic scale in inhomogeneous materials.

prototype 3-frequency NQR probe Selected Publications

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NMR Image of damaged NaCl
NMR - Slow Off Angle Sample Spinning

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