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Blues Scale

The usual six note Blues scale is a minor pentatonic scale with the addition of the diminished 5th (right in the middle of the pentatonic scale). The half-step intervals are then

You can play this scale on a keyboard by using only the black keys plus the note "A". Start with D#.

For an interesting variation, try starting on other notes, such as F#. Play up and down, back and forth, etc., just playing the black keys plus "A" (and have fun with it).

The frequency ratios for these notes relative to the first note in the scale are:

of Blues Scale
1 1
2 6/5
3 4/3
4 45/32
5 3/2
6 9/5
7 2

After you have played the scale using the black keys, try starting on a white key but keep the same intervals. For example, move each note down 1/2 step to start on D and use D-F-G-G#-A-C-D.

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