Autotune (Relay) Tuning Method:
  1. Using a constant input, say uo, determine the corresponding steady state output, say yo.
  2. Next, change the setpoint to be yo.
  3. Switch the controller to relay mode and choose a small value for h. This will implement the following algorithm:



  5. Under this mode, the output should settle towards a limit cycle.



  7. From the plot, measure the amplitude of the output cycle, a. Using both a and h, the ultimate gain, Ku, can then be approximated by

  8. Ku = (4/p)(h/a)

  9. Using as an approximate for the ultimate gain Ku and ultimate period Pu (the period of the limit cycle in the plot above), apply the same prescribed values in Ziegler and Nichols method. ( Click here to go to Ziegler-Nichols method)


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