Arthur White (sax), Tom Andes (keys), Loyd Warden (drums), Tim Havens (bass)

Nothing Personal (Grolnick)
Desperate Measures (Andes)
Don Quixote (Andes)
Healing Waters (Yellowjackets)
Save Your Love For Me (Johnson)
Tunnel Vision (White)
Song For Frank (Andes)
Cats & Kittens (Erksine)
Song For Bilbao (Metheny)

The Chöppers
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Havens (bass), Rabadan (trumpet, percussion), Flabby (sax), Ox (guitar), Herzog (keys), J Ultra (drums)

Live tracks:
Fried Grease (Greyboy Allstars)
V3 (FLOTUS / Bustrip)
Evening with Bonobos (The Ox)
The Chicken (Pastorius)
Power in Hand (Herzog)
Teen Town (Pastorius)
Always There (Laws)
Hang Up Your Hang Ups (Hancock)

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MU Concert Jazz
Vertigo - The Music of Mike Mainieri (CD available on Amazon, etc.)
Eisenberg (mallets), Merlino (guitar), Sanders (drums), Havens (bass)

Rodent Dance (Merlino)
Abrasive Shuffle of the Scarlet Tortoise (Sanders)
The Oracle (Holland)
Door Jam (Eisenberg)

Skills of Ortega
Baze (vox, keys), Wacky (drums), Havens (samples, beats, bass, backup)

Rush (Baze)
Pretty (Baze)
Something New (Baze)
Say Something (Baze)

Wilson (shreddin', vox), Havens (thumpin', vox), Nilsen (bangin'), Labeau (strummin')

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Composition by Milt Olsson

Panel 1
Panel 2
Panel 3

Wheels of Fire
Peter Ferraguto (drums, vox), Tim Havens (bass, vox), Michael Paolucci (guitar, vox)

Video of Cream Tribute Set - Onset Summer of Love Concert Series

Odibil libidO
Peter Eisenberg (mallets), Peter Ferraguto (drums), Eddie Cavallo (guitar), Tim Havens (bass)

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