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Animations, Simulations, and Applications

Topic Animations and Simulations Applications
Electric Charge
Electric Fields
Charging by Induction I
Charging by Induction II
Charging by Induction III
E-field Lines
A Lightning Primer
Red Sprites and Blue Jets
Electrostatics: Mars Rover
Electric Flux
Gauss's Law
. Lightning Protection
Snow Crystals
Electric Potential Air Pollution Control: Electrostatic Precipitator
Capacitance Factors Affecting Capacitance
Variable Capacitor
A Natural Capacitor
Condenser Microphone
Capacitors: Energy Storage
Defibrillation: What You Should Know
Electronic Stud Finder
Current and Resistance Crooke's Tube: Cathode Rays Electric Toaster
DC Circuits RC Circuits
RC Time Constant
Electric Vehicles
Solar Airplanes
Magnetic Fields
Magnetic Forces
Charge in an E- and B-field
B-field Lines
Auroras - Paintings in the Sky
CERN: Where the Net Was Born
Fermi Lab: Tour
TV Screens
B-field Sources B-fields and Compass Orientation National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
Faraday's Law Lenz's Law
Faraday's Induction Experiment
Another Faraday Experiment
AC Generator
Magnetic Recording
Metal Detector
Inductance RLC Circuits - DC Traffic Light Control
AC Circuits RLC Circuits - AC
Lowpass Filter
Highpass Filter
Tuning a Radio Receiver
Power-Cube Transformer
Maxwell's Equations
Electromagnetic Waves
Electromagnetic Wave Propagation Microwave Oven
Cell Phones
Electromagnetic Sails
The Radio Spectrum
Reflection and Refraction Reflection and Refraction
Mirror and Image
The Mirror Game
The Prism
The Rainbow
Compact Disc
Fiber Optics
Rearview Mirror
Meteorology: Light and Optics
The Green Flash
Geometric Optics Diverging Mirror
Thin Lens
Ray Tracing: Mirrors
Ray Tracing: Lenses
Hubble Space Telescope: Overview
Hubble Space Telescope: Home Page
Keck Interferometer
Fresnel Lens