William W. Predebon

Name: William W. Predebon

Rank: Professor

Highest Degree: Ph.D., Iowa State University

Key words of Expertise: Wave Propagation in Solids, Impact Phenomena, Ceramics

Contact Email: wwpredeb@mtu.edu

Current/recent research projects:

Dr. Predebon's research includes mechanical behavior, characterization and processing of ceramics, shock deformation including microstructural effects and dynamic fracture of metals and ceramics, impact phenomena, computer simulation of wave phenomena, explosive-metal-interaction and fragmentation. His research usually involves experimental, analytical and computational elements.

Dr. Predebon's research in mechanical behavior and processing of alumina has recently resulted in a patent. This newly developed alumina has exceptional compressive and tensile strength properties which increase with strain rate. It has also increased toughness. It has an enhanced dynamic yield strength (Hugoniot Elastic Limit) and spall strength. Potential applications which are being considered are ceramic cutting tools, engine components (pistons valves, etc.), bioceramics, thermoelectric modules a nd armor.

Selected Publications

J.M. Staehler, W.W. Predebon and B.J. Pletka, "Mechanical Behavior of a High-Purity Alumina Over the Strain Rate Range 10-4 -106 sec-1", Proceedings of the 13th Army Symposium of Solid Mechanics, S-C. Chou, F.D. Bartlett, Jr., and K. Iyer, Eds., U.,S. Army Materials Technology Laboratory, Watertown, MA, 1993, 493-504.

A.V. Shah, W.W. Predebon and B.J. Pletka, "Deformation and Fracture in Directionally Solidified Co-CoAl Eutectic", Jour. Materials Science, 28, 5843-5851, 1993.

W.W. Predebon, C.E. Anderson Jr., and J.D. Walker, "Inclusion of Evolutionary Damage Measures in Eulerian Wavecodes", Comp. Mech. J., 7, No. 4, 221-236 (1991).

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