Zhengfu Xu



Mathematical Sciences

306 Fisher

Michigan Technological University, MI 49931          

Phone: (906) 487-3332

Email: zhengfux@mtu.edu



Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, Brown University, Providence, RI, May 2005. Advisor: Professor Chi-Wang Shu.


M.Sc. in Computational Mathematics, Peking University, Beijing, P.R. China, June 2000. Advisor: Professor Pingwen Zhang.


B.Sc. in Computational Mathematics, Peking University Beijing, P.R. China, June 1997.




Academic Experience


Associate Professor: Department of Mathematical Sciences, Michigan Technological University, 2014 -- present.


Assistant Professor: Department of Mathematical Sciences, Michigan Technological University, 2011 -- 2014.


Visiting Assistant Professor: Department of Mathematics, Michigan State University. Supervisors: Gang Bao, Andrew Christlieb, 2008 -- 2011.


S. Chowla Research Assistant Professor: Department of Mathematics, Penn State University. Supervisor: Jinchao Xu, 2005 -- 2008.




Research interest

High order numerical schemes solving hyperbolic partial differential equations


Computational modeling of proton exchange membrane (PEM), NAFION network structure


Mathematical imaging, biomedical image de-noising


Previous and current students

Master student: Yi Jiang, (2011-2013)

PhD students: Sulin Wang, MD. Shah Alam.




Spring 2019, MA 4515: Introduction to partial differential equation.

Fall 2019, MA 1160 Calculus with Technology I. MWF 12:05-12:55PM, Rekhi 0214

Fall 2019, MA 4620 Numerical Methods for PDEs. MWF 02:05-02:55PM, Fisher 0231

Spring 2020, TBD


Award and Grant


NSF DMS-1316662 (Zhengfu Xu-PI) Maximum principle preserving high order finite difference WENO schemes for hyperbolic conservation laws, Completed.


NIH grant-1R15EB026197-01 (Jingfeng Jiang-PI, Zhengfu Xu-CoPI) Elastography-Based Analytics for Benign and Malignant Breast Disease 2018--2021.


Copper Country Computational Modeling and Image Processing of Biomedical Problems Conference: