Dr. Zhenlin Wang

Professor of Computer Science
Department of Computer Science

College of Computing
Michigan Technological University
Houghton, MI 49931

Office: Rekhi 207
Work phone: (906) 487-2187
Fax: (906) 487-2283
zlwang AT mtu DOT edu


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Office hours (Spring 2021): TR 2 – 3:15 PM

CS4121 Programming Languages (Canvas)

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Past Projects


Daniel Byrne (PhD student, co-advisor)

Yuguang Wang (PhD student)

Yuchen Wang (PhD student)

Junyao Yang (MS student)

Liang Yan (PhD student)



Jason Hiebel (PhD, 2019, co-advisor)

Wei Kuang (PhD, 2017)

Haitang Duan (MS, 2017)

Bo Yu (MS, 2016)

Liang Yan (MS, 2015)

Trevor Fisher (MS, 2013)

Wei Wang (PhD Candidate, co-advisor)

Weiming Zhao (PhD, 2011)

Justin Splepak (MS, 2011, co-advisor)

Dustin Larson (MS, 2011, co-advisor)

Tongfeng Wang (MS, 2011)

Steve Vormwald (MS, 2010, co-advisor)

Changpeng Fang (PhD, 2006, co-advisor)

Sandesh Kubhmar (MS, 2008)

Mingsong Bi (MS 2007)

Mark Malek (MS, 2005)

Da Gao (MS, 2005)




NSF CSR1618384, 2016-2019

Effective Sampling-Based Miss Ratio Curves: Theory and Practice

National Science Foundation

Computer System Research Program


NSF Career 0643664, 2007-2012

Modeling Data Locality for Next Generation Systems

National Science Foundation

Computing Processes and Artifacts Program