Modeling, Analysis and Design of Software Fault-Tolerance

In this project, our goal is to develop a methodology for modeling faults and fault-tolerance in UML. Our methodology is aimed at bridging the gap between the theory of fault-tolerance and the development of fault-tolerant systems. Specifically, we are working on the integration of two research areas towards developing a roundtrip engineering framework for automated analysis and design of fault-tolerant (distributed) systems. First, we have previously developed techniques for (i) generating formal specifications from UML models; (ii) analyzing the generated formal specifications, and (iii) visualizing the results of the analysis in the UML models. Second, we have developed a theory of automated synthesis of fault-tolerance concerns supported by a software tool that automatically adds fault-tolerance concerns to existing formal models. The integration of these two areas will result in an integrated environment for modeling, analysis, and code generation for fault-tolerant systems.

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Collaborator: Betty Cheng

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