My interest lies in both theoretical and practical aspects of developing high confidence software systems. I am in particular interested in developing software engineering methods for modeling, analysis and design of dependability aspects (e.g., fault-tolerance, security, availability, etc.). In my PhD program, I focused on the problem of adding fault-tolerance to behavioral specifications of distributed software systems (see my PhD dissertation for details). Currently, my focus is on the following projects (in order of priority):



1) A Large-Scale Framework for Automatic Addition of Fault Tolerance

2) PARallel program DESigner (PARDES): A Framework for Compositional Design of the Behavioral Evolution of Parallel Programs

3) Engineering of Software Fault-Tolerance



1) Fault-Tolerance Synthesizer (FTSyn)

2) Distributed  FTSyn (D-FTSyn)

3) Standalone SAT2CNF



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