Graphite From Crestmore quarry, Riverside County, California

The graphite crystals from Crestmore California (below) are some of the finest in form known to this author. Comparable crystals also occur at several localities in New York, such as the #4 Quarry, Gouverneur Talc Company (Valentine Mine) near Harrisville, and the Treadway Quarry near Port Henry.

Graphite crystals from Crestmore, California

A 1 mm tabular graphite crystal with modifying
pyramid faces, twinned on {11-21},
in calcite.

A 1 mm sharp tabular graphite crystal
with green diopside in calcite.

Growth spiral on a 1 mm graphite crystal in calcite.
Click here to compare other spirals.

Page 2: Growth spirals on Crestmore graphite.


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