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Associate Professor of Computer Science
Director of Undergraduate Studies

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Contact information

   Nilufer Onder
   Department of Computer Science
   Michigan Technological University
   1400 Townsend Drive
   Houghton, MI 49931-1295

Office:    309 Rekhi Hall

Phone:    (+1) 906 487 1641

Fax:         (+1) 906 487 2283

   My e-mail address is my first name followed by
      (my first name starts with N)

Schedule (Fall 2023):
   I keep my Google calendar up to date for appointment scheduling.
   These are my class times:
      CS5811 class: MWF 11:00am - 11:50am
      CS3311 class: MWF 2:00pm - 2:50pm

Office hours: I conduct office hours in-person or over Zoom.
   To schedule a meeting, please send me an email with your available times.
   Let me know if you prefer an in-person or Zoom meeting.
   Make sure to write a brief and descriptive subject on the email.
   I will send you a calendar invite that includes the location or the Zoom link.

Research information

Curriculum vitae : NiluferOnderCV.pdf

Here is a short description of my interdisciplinary research areas:
[Nilufer Onder's research]
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Planning
    • Planning under uncertainty, contingency planning
    • Probabilistic planning
    • Temporal, concurrent planning
    • Markov Decision Processes (MDPs)
    • Applications
  • Project Management
    • Decision making under uncertainty
    • Intelligent assistance for contingencies
    • Use of AI planning techniques
    • Simulations
  • Increasing and broadening participation in STEM fields
    • Student persistence in engineering and computer science
    • Underrepresentation in engineering and computer science
    • Computer Science education



Selected Publications:

  • (2019) Daniel Byrne, Nilufer Onder, and Zhenlin Wang. Faster Slab Reassignment in Memcached. The International Symposium on Memory Systems (MEMSYS 2019), September 30, 2019.

  • (2018) Daniel Byrne, Nilufer Onder, and Zhenlin Wang. mPart: Miss-Ratio Curve Guided Partitioning in Key-Value Stores. ACM SIGPLAN International Symposium on Memory Management (ISMM 2018), pp. 84-95.
    Download paper: [ISMM 2018 Proceedings]

  • (2014) Hui Meen Nyew, Nilufer Onder, Soner Onder, and Zhenlin Wang. Verifying Micro-Architecture Simulators Using Event Traces. Proceedings of the 28th International Conference on Supercomputing (ICS 2014).
    (Conference acceptance rate: 20% among 162 submissions)
    Download paper: [ICS 2014 Proceedings]

  • (2010) N. Onder, A. Mukherjee, and P. Tang. Construction Management Applications: Challenges in Developing Execution Control Plans. Proceedings of the Twentieth International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling (ICAPS 2010), pp. 263--266.
    Download paper: [.pdf]
    Download presentation: [.pdf]  [.odp]

  • (2009) R. G. Anderson, A. Mukherjee, and N. Onder. Traversing and Querying Constraint Driven Temporal Networks to Estimate Construction Contingencies. Journal of Construction Automation, Elsevier, Vol. 18, No. 6, pp. 798--813.
    Download paper: [Journal site]

  • (2008) L. Li and N. Onder. Generating Plans in Concurrent, Probabilistic, Over-Subscribed Domains. Proceedings of the Twenty-Third AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-08), pp. 957--962.
    Download paper: [AAAI site]
    Download presentation: [.pdf]  [.ppt]

All Publications:

   Click here for the full publication list.


  • Interactions Unlimited
    PI: Nilufer Onder
    Funding agency: Stevens Institute of Technology's NSF grant
    Total project value: $2,000.
    Project dates: January 1, 2013 - July 1, 2014 (and beyond).
    ( project website )
  • Implementing a Curriculum for Service Systems Engineering
    PI: Leonard Bohmann
    Funding agency: NSF - DUE
    Total project value: $499,994.
    Project dates: October 2006 - September 2010.
  • A Collaborative Laboratory for Human-Robot Interaction at Michigan Tech
    PI: Deak Helton.
    Funding Agency: DARPA (DURIP), Department of Defense.
    Total project value: $467,017.
    Project dates: April 2007 - March 2008.

Graduate students:

  • Daniel Byrne (CS MsC, 2018; CS PhD, in progress)
    co-advisor: Dr. Zhenlin Wang
  • Parth Mishra (CS MsC, coursework, in progress)
  • Wei Qian (CS MsC, coursework, 2021)
  • Kusuma Pallapotu (CS MsC, 2019)
    co-advisor: Dr. Nina Mahmoudian
  • Li Li (CS PhD, 2015)
  • Hui Meen Nyew (CS PhD, 2014)
    co-advisor: Dr. Soner Onder
  • Pei Tang (CEE PhD, 2013)
    co-advisor: Dr. Amlan Mukherjee
  • Neelanjana Sachdev (CS MSc, coursework, 2010)
  • Engin Maden (MSc in Computer Engineering, METU, Feb. 2010)
    Advisor: Dr. Pinar Senkul, METU
  • Janae Foss (CS PhD program until 2009)
  • Matt Watkins (CS MSc, 2008)
    co-advisor: Dr. Amlan Mukherjee
  • G. Ryan Anderson (CS MSc, 2007)
    co-advisor: Dr. Amlan Mukherjee
  • Hui Meen Nyew (CS MSc, 2006)
  • Ping Huo (CS&E PhD student until 2006)
  • Virginia Bluth (CS MSc, 2005)
  • Garrett Whelan (CS MSc, 2004)

Undergraduate students:

  • Benjamin Craig (MICUP student, Summer 2018)
  • Casey Nwamba (MICUP student, Summer 2018)
  • Nick Lopez (MICUP student, Summer 2018)
  • Ruben Pena (MICUP student, Summer 2015)
  • James Koole (MICUP student, Summer 2014)
  • Raven Rebb (CS undergraduate, Fall 2012 - Spring 2014)
  • Matt Helgen (CS undergraduate, SURF scholarship, Spring 2011 - Spring 2012)
  • William Fortin (CS undergraduate, Spring 2011 - Summer 2011)
  • Maria Garcia Cuesta (CS undergraduate exchange student, Summer 2010)
  • Aubrey Baker (CS undergraduate, Spring 2010)
  • Corey Tebo (CS undergraduate, Summer 2009)
    co-advisor: Dr. Amlan Mukherjee
  • Bryan Bonvallet (CS undergraduate, Spring 2007)
    co-advisor: Dr. Soner Onder
  • Jin Sok Lee (CS undergraduate, Spring 2007)
  • Bob Stark (CS undergraduate, Spring 2007)
    co-advisor: Dr. Soner Onder
  • Brian Kirby (CS undergraduate, Fall 2006)
  • Andreas Lundberg (CS undergraduate, Fall 2006)


Fall 2023 Classes (Current Semester)

Previous Semesters' classes

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Student groups:

I proudly advise the following student groups.

Check out the student group web pages and consider joining them.

Outreach Activities:

  • Science Olympiad Volunteer Coach (2005-present)
    I work with the Washington Middle School and Calumet High School teams. The head coaches are Mr. Hendrickson and Mr. Asiala.
  • Grace Hopper Conference travel scholarship reviewer (2008-present)

University and Department Committees:

  • CS Department Undergraduate Committee (2001-present)
  • CS Department TPR committee (2006-present)
  • CS Department Chair Search Steering Committee (2010 summer)
  • MTU Senate Alternate Senator for the CS Department (2002-2007)
    • Senate Research Policy Committee (2005-2007)
    • Senate Curricular Policy Committee (2002-2005)
  • MTU Childcare Board (2000-2005)




   Nilufer Onder received her B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees ...

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   I grew up in a nice town ...