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Welcome to the "Home Page" for Lillian Gish, I hope the pictures and information about this most remarkable woman inspire you to look at her life and work, as much as they did me.

This page was created by Paul Charlesworth. A former postdoctoral fellow in the Center for Photochemical Sciences here at BGSU. He may be contacted at Iowa State University, where the Lillian Gish Page is mirrored.

And now for the links

In addition to Lillian and Dorothy Gish, I hope that the link to their mentor and the "Father of motion pictures" , David Wark Griffith is also enjoyable. You will also find a short tribute to Mary Pickford here and to the curator of the Gish Film Theater, Dr. Ralph Haven Wolfe, who provided me with much of the original material for this set of pages.

The first page I suggest you take a look at deals with the Gish Film Theater, it contains a brief description of the history of the theater, plus lots of links to pictures and some places, I consider this to be the best of all the pages.

The second place to take a look at is an article originally printed in At BG, the alumni magazine, and concerns one of her theater dedication visits, it comes in two parts, I suggest you start at the beginning, but you can always start with part 2.

Following the death of Lillian in February 1993, Professor Ralph Haven Wolf, the Gish Professor of Film Studies and Curator of the Gish Film theatre and Gallery wrote a short but touching memorial to her, for the tribute presentation of several of her moviesl, I suggest you now take a look at this also.

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This page was originally created on December 6th 1994 by Dr. Paul Charlesworth,
Whilst working at the Center for Photochemical Sciences, BGSU.

Last modified on: Thursday, October 30, 1997.