Geo Travel with Experts


Seeing the real thing is essential. I am convinced that being outside with other geological experts produces lasting understanding for a professional. In 41 years of teaching geology here at Michigan Tech, I have led trips several times every year, almost always including a number of students.  We have explored much of North America and have also visited at least 20 other countries.  My colleagues here have visited many more countries with students during those same years.  Much of the travel costs are paid by our research and educational grants, but we have consistently wanted to take extra students on these trips and to add special educational trips as often as we can. 

Almost every time I have asked, the department, through its accounts with the Michigan Tech Fund, the Engineering College and the University have helped us do this.  I am proud of this aspect of our educational effort, but it is very vulnerable to budgeting.  We have to struggle to find funds to take students out out in the field. At the same time we continually hear from them that their professional field trips to see the real world, often accompanied by experts and student peers from all over the world, are among their best and highest level learning experiences. Professional meeting attendance by students is also vital.

Please help me to build an ongoing and dependable source of funding to provide these vital field experiences for our geostudents. 

How to help

This web page is to advance a way to ensure that our geologically inclined students get vital field experiences as part of their professional academic education. We believe that a special source of funding is needed to ensure such experiences because universities are unable to sufficiently fund student travel within existing budgetary priorities.

The best geoscientists have seen the most rocks.

Poas, Costa Rica

Volcan Baru, Panama

Santiaguito, Guatemala

Quincy Hill

Wyoming 1977