This website is aimed at communicating the strong Geoheritage of the western UP, including the Keweenaw Peninsula and Isle Royale.  We aim to reach any reader, and to help them understand:

What is geoheritage?

How does Earth Science guide us and influence our living and culture?

What are the elements of geology here?

What are the places that teach us the Earth history here?

How does the Keweenaw window into Earth’s history contribute to our world view?

As much as anywhere on Earth, the Keweenaw reflects its Geology....

Some recent projects in Keweenaw Geoheritage

  July 2014 Keweenaw Tours! 

Keweenaw Boulder Garden--unique teaching resource

Michigan EarthCaches

Teacher EarthCaches

    Geo Bike/Walk in Houghton Michigan

    Isle Royale Field Guide, 2013GSIS Best Geologic Guidebook of 2013

    Hungarian Falls:  New public access and educational use

A Keweenaw Geopark?  You decide.

This site is intended to support outdoor exploration and education about the Earth and how it works in an area where there are many strong and informative examples. There is an assembly of basic information in lectures and web materials here, and this is followed by specific field sites, their description, location and geointerpretation. We want to complement and extend other geointerpretation efforts, such as Mineralogical Society: Virtual Keweenaw Field Trip .Try to visit many sites, because they reinforce each other and build geounderstanding. Send suggestions for things that need to be added, changed or deleted.


Great other example: Barberton Geotrail

Lake Superior Agate, from

AE Seaman Museum

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Keweenaw Geoheritage
   NPS US Geoheritage Workshop 2013
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