Under File there are four items. They are mainly designed for carrying out operations related to files. These four items are New Scene, Load, Save, and Exit. Of these four, Load and Save have sub-items for a user to indicate whether a surface, a scene or a color scheme should be loaded or saved.

  1. New Scene erases all existing surfaces and provides the user with an empty scene. This is the item to use if you want to "forget" every bit of your work.

  2. Exit exits the system.

  3. Load has seven sub-items: Using Import Surfaces, Load Surfaces and Load Scene will cause a dialog box to appear as follows:

    Type in the file name you wish to load followed by clicking on OK. If the file name field is blank, the default name surface.dat will be used.

  4. Save has three sub-items: Selecting Save Scene and Save Current Surface will causes a dialog window to appear as follows:

    Typing in a file name followed by clicking on OK will save the definition of the current surface or the scene to the named file. The default name is surface.dat if the file name field is blank. This file is always in your current directory. As a result, if a scene is saved to a different directory, a proper pathname must be given.