Autofocus Area Selection (M-REC Mode Only)

In the M-REC using autofocus, 990 provides five focus areas, each of which can be selected for focusing purpose using the arrows of the multi-selector. The following shows the locations of these five focus area indicators:

Focus areas

The selected, or active, focus area is shown in red; other unselected focus areas are shown in white. To focus, just make sure that the main subjects are in the selected focus area and press the shutter release button halfway down. In the above left image, the center area is selected by default, and the right area is selected in the above right image. With the help of the five focus areas, focus lock can be avoided in most situations.

Note that in the A-REC mode, focus area is not selectable. Only the center area is used and no area indicator is displayed on the LCD monitor. Note also that focus area selection is not available for manual focus either, because focus area selection is for autofocus!

To select a focus area, follow the procedure below:

  1. In M-REC press the MENU button twice to enter the second M-REC menu (below left). Then, press the down arrow of the multi-selector twice to highlight FOCUS (below right).

  2. Press the right arrow of the multi-selector to select this option. Four options appear (below left). Because we need to modify the setting of the autofocus area, which is the first menu item, press the right arrow to select it. Then, the right image below appears.

  3. There are three options available:

    Option Meaning
    Auto The camera selects the focus area that contains the subject closest to camera. The selected, or active, focus area is shown in red when the shutter release button is pressed halfway down.
    • Pro: This setting is useful when you have little time to compose, and your main subjects are always the closest to your camera.
    • Con: It is likely that the closest subject is not the main subject, and, as a result, the main subjects may be out of focus.
    Manual The camera focuses using the selected, or active, focus area. Thus, focus lock is likely unnecessary. You just compose, select a focus area, and take a photograph.
    Off The center area is used. This center area is identical to the one in the viewfinder. Note that no focus area indicators will be shown on the LCD monitor. Thus, focus lock is required if the main subjects are not in the center.

  4. To select an option, use the up or down arrow of the multi-selector to highlight it, followed by the right arrow to select.

  5. Once the above steps complete, press the MENU button to return to the M-REC shooting mode.

    Note that once this option is chosen, it will stay there even after turning off the camera. Therefore, you need to go through the above procedure again to reverse the setting..