Does Shutter Speed Really Matter? (M-REC Mode Only)

When the internal flash is used, the camera automatically sets its shutter speed to 1/125 second, the flash synchronization speed. However, does this synchronization really matter? The answer is no to many digital cameras, Coolpix 995 included. To demonstrate this, the following images were taken in Manual Exposure Mode with aperture set to F7.6. Then, for each possible shutter speed, an image is taken with the internal flash set to Anytime Flash (i.e., always fires). As you can see, images taken with a shutter speed faster 1/30 second are virtually indistinguishable. Images taken with a shutter speed slower than 1/30 second start to pick up the yellowish color of an incandescent light. The slower the shutter speed, the stronger the yellowish touch. Started with shutter speed 1 second, one can see a second set of shadow which is caused by an incandescent light. In summary, with your 995, when you are using the flash, you can set the shutter speed to any speed. If the shutter speed is faster than the synch speed (i.e., 1/125 sec), you should get normally exposed images. If the shutter speed is set to slow ones, you actually get the effect of Slow Synchronization. Of course, allowing the camera to set a shutter speed is more convenient!

1/2000 sec 1/1000 sec 1/500 sec
1/250 sec 1/125 sec 1/60 sec
1/30 sec 1/15 sec 1/8 sec
1/4 sec 1/2 sec 1 sec
2 sec 4 sec 8 sec
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