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Welcome to
The Laboratory of Mechanistic Glycobiology
Department of Chemistry, Michigan Tech

 We study lectins, which are carbohydrate-binding proteins, found in all living forms. Lectins are evolutionarily conserved proteins and they play crucial roles in many biological processes. The lab also investigates macromolecular recognition. There are four specific areas of research in our lab. We study (1) the mechanistic basis of endogenous lectin-mediated immune functions, (2) the structure-activity relationship of microbial lectins and their implication in host invasion, (3) macromolecular recognition by thermodynamic measurements and (4) the nutritional aspects of plant lectins. The lab intends to develop novel detection and separation devices using plant lectins.  Such devices would be useful for glycomics, glycoproteomics and various bio-analytical and bio-detection techniques.

For additional program information contact:

Dr. Tarun K. Dam, Assistant Professor
Department of Chemistry
Office Location: 510C
Phone: (906) 487-2940
Email Address: tkdam @

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