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Welcome, CyberStudents! You've found the home page for PH2200 University Physics II – Electricity and Magnetism. Here you'll find, in one convenient location, information about the course and its instructors, announcements, and a host of links to external sites.

The reward of a careful study of electricity and magnetism is an understanding of some of the basic science underlying the technologies that shape our modern world. Various links to external sites that feature applications employing principles of electricity and magnetism are found below under Electric Connections. These links are provided to make connections between theory and application and to pique your interest in the subject.

Many students find the study of electricity and magnetism to be conceptually challenging due to its abstract nature. Some sites on the Web employ interactive simulations and animations to demonstrate electromagnetic phenomena, and some of the best can be accessed from this site. Enjoy!

Electric Connections
Simulations, Animations and Applications
History, Biography and Miscellaneous
IEEE: This Week in Electrical History
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