Project Description

The overall goal of the project is to help meet the nation’s forthcoming need for highly trained Industrial Robotics workers. Strategies include developing, testing, and disseminating an updated, model curriculum, laboratory resources, and simulation software package suitable for use in both 2- and 4-year EET programs. To complement this effort, outreach to K-12 students and teachers will work to enlarge the pipeline and diversity of students interested in careers in robotics. Programs are also offered to students at other institutions and to workers in industry to broaden impact.

RobotRun software (Beta)

A preliminary version of our RobotRun software is available for download for Windows and macOS. Java 8 must be installed on your machine. To run, extract the files and then run the RobotRun.jar file. The source code for the project is also available on github. A userguide is also available. If you have feedback for this project, please email

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National Science Foundation, ATE; Grant number DUE-1501335