Ben is an associate professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Michigan Technological University! Ben has several active projects:

(1) Exa-scale Scientific Computing -- This project aims to advance current scientific computing methods targeted at solving general classes of PDEs on leadership class supercomputers. The main objectives of this research are fast, parallel sketching of streaming simulation data, construction of fault-resilient algorithms, and the parallel space-time solution of PDEs.

(2) Numerical Linear Algebra -- This project uses sampling methods to approximate matrices and their inverses to accelerate optimization problems.

(3) Boundary Integral Methods -- This project seeks the solution to specialized classes of PDEs using analytic integral solutions, which are then approximated using quadrature. This work focuses on a fast-summation O(n.log(n)) approach to evaluate the quadrature, as well as high-order regularization to improve resolution and fidelity.

(4) Computational Plasma Physics -- This project uses various methods, including the above boundary integral methods, to solve Boltzman's equation in regimes exhibiting multi-scale behavior in space and time. Target problems include arc-and-spark simulation and strongly-coupled plasmas.

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Benjamin W. Ong
Department of Mathematical Sciences
1400 Townsend Drive, Fisher Hall Room 217
Houghton, MI 49931

Phone: +1-906-487-3367

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