Outreach - Rebecca G. Ong

Husky Bites: Magical Microbes and Color-Changing Potions

Come enter the magical world of herbology and potions. Learn how to make your own color-changing potion and use it to find the best conditions to generate and collect fungus breath. We will discover the science behind the magic and learn what makes plants and microbes so cool and how engineers use them to make our world a better place.

Presented June 1, 2020

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Investigating Fluid Flow Using PlayDoh

The objective of this activity is for students to observe and calculate how velocity of a fluid moving through a tube varies with radial position within the tube. By using a highly viscous fluid (PlayDoh), this demonstration allows for physical experimentation and visual observation of the flow profile of a fluid moving through a tube, a foundational concept within momentum transport.

Presented with some amazing undergrads and grad students during MTU ChemE Summer Youth Program, HMS Day of Science, and at the 1st AIChE K-12 STEM Outreach Competition, all in 2019.

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Wee EngineerĀ® and EiE Teacher Training

Wee EngineerĀ® and EiE for Kindergarteners are fun and engaging engineering curricula for preschoolers and kindergarteners, respectively, developed by the Museum of Science in Boston. Joan Chadde-Schumaker (Director, Center for Science and Environmental Outreach) and Rebecca Ong were funded by the Michigan Space Grant Consortium to lead teacher training workshops on these curricula in 2020.

Overall, we hosted five training workshops for PreK and Kindergarten instructors throughout the Western Upper Peninsula in Fall 2020. Feedback from the workshops was resoundingly positive.

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