Assistant Professor of Mining Engineering
Michigan Technological University
Co-director of the Mining Simulation and Optimization Lab with Ebrahim Tarshizi

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Graduate Positions Available

    Highly qualified candidates are sought for Graduate Research positions in the areas of Geostatistics and Mine Planning at Michigan Tech. The Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences department provides funding for qualified candidates for graduate students pursuing a PhD Degree. Potential candidates with backgrounds in Mining Engineering, Geological Engineering, Mathematics or Statistics, or Geosciences are encouraged to apply. Funding is available for qualified candidates. If you are interested, I encourage you to contact me with your research ideas and interests before applying through the Michigan Tech graduate school.

Recent News
  • Our paper on Limestone quarry production planning for consistent supply of raw materials to cement plant: a case study from Indian cement industry with a captive quarry will appear at Journal of Mining Science Volume 51, Issue 5
  • Our paper on Production phase and ultimate pit limit design under commodity price uncertainty will appear at European Journal of Operational Research
  • Check out our accepted paper on multiple-point geostatistical simulation at Computational Geosciences
  • Received a 2015 Young Professional Award at APCOM
  • Awarded The Editor's Best Reviewers Award 2014 by Mathematical Geosciences Journal
  • Our Geoscience Frontiers special issue on Progress of Machine Learning in Geosciences is now available
  • Gave a presentation on Support Vector Machine: An Emmerging Trends for Ore Grade Estimation at APCOM 2015
  • Organized a session on Mine Planning at APCOM 2015
  • Organized a session on Geostatistics and Operations Research in Stochastic Mine Planning at IAMG 2015
  • Gave a presentation on Blast Fragmentation Size Analysis Using Normalized Graph Cut-Based Image Segmentation Technique at APCOM 2015
  • Awarded the Michigan Tech Research Seed Grant for Multipoint geostatistical simulation algorithm for nonstationary data: A multi-scale wavelet- based approach , July 2015-August 2016.