Associate Professor of Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences
Witte Family Endowed Faculty Fellow in Mining Engineering
Michigan Technological University
Director of the Mining Simulation and Optimization Lab

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Recent News
  • Our paper on Limestone quarry production planning for consistent supply of raw materials to cement plant: a case study from Indian cement industry with a captive quarry will appear at Journal of Mining Science Volume 51, Issue 5
  • Our paper on Production phase and ultimate pit limit design under commodity price uncertainty will appear at European Journal of Operational Research
  • Check out our accepted paper on multiple-point geostatistical simulation at Computational Geosciences
  • Received a 2015 Young Professional Award at APCOM
  • Awarded The Editor's Best Reviewers Award 2014 by Mathematical Geosciences Journal
  • Our Geoscience Frontiers special issue on Progress of Machine Learning in Geosciences is now available
  • Gave a presentation on Support Vector Machine: An Emmerging Trends for Ore Grade Estimation at APCOM 2015
  • Organized a session on Mine Planning at APCOM 2015
  • Organized a session on Geostatistics and Operations Research in Stochastic Mine Planning at IAMG 2015
  • Gave a presentation on Blast Fragmentation Size Analysis Using Normalized Graph Cut-Based Image Segmentation Technique at APCOM 2015
  • Awarded the Michigan Tech Research Seed Grant for Multipoint geostatistical simulation algorithm for nonstationary data: A multi-scale wavelet- based approach , July 2015-August 2016.